Without private support...

Japan House would cease to function. The support provided by the College of Fine and Applied Arts and the University of Illinois does not cover even the salaries of the small staff. All our programming is because of generous gifts.

You can support Japan House in a variety of ways including financial support, volunteering or contributing to its collection of Japanese artifacts. Feel free to donate online now, or read more about the benefits of giving to our endowment fund. Please contact us about corporate membership or continue reading below about other ways of giving to Japan House.

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Financial Support

One hundred percent of all Japan House outreach programming is funded by private gifts. The tours, tea ceremonies, open houses, public classes, workshops, and more – all are possible only with your support. Please help Japan House continue to offer its unique programs and experiences. If you have benefitted from Japan House, from the tranquility that is found here, from taking part in the tea ceremony, from the beauty of the gardens or from classes, workshops or tours… please help by donating now.


Volunteers are essential to Japan House. If you have experience with the Japanese tea ceremony, or gardening, we could always use your help. Please contact us for more information.

Internship Program

Japan House is seeking students who are deeply interested in promoting traditional Japanese Arts and Culture. This program will provide students educational opportunities to learn the basics of Chado (the Japanese Way of Tea), the art of Japanese cooking and many other facets of traditional Japanese Arts. Furthermore, this internship will give students an opportunity to assist in the development of student-focused programming and contribute to outreach efforts through social media.

For more information, click here.

Tomonokai Membership

Benefits and recognition

Membership benefits

The Tomonokai (Friends of Japan House) program was established in 1998 with a goal of supporting Japan House programming and events and promoting an understanding of Japanese Arts and Culture. This tax deductible membership entitles you to:

  • Invitation to special "members only" events
  • Reduced fees on workshops, bus trips, and performances sponsored by Japan House
  • Personalized membership card
  • Newsletters and notices of events
  • Annual recognition in Japan House newsletter
  • Vouchers for free, regularly scheduled tea ceremonies
  • Discounts on Japan House sale items
  • Enhanced benefits will be arranged for higher level donations

Contribution levels

  • Matsu (Pine)
    Major Contributor / $5,000+
    Ten tea ceremony vouchers and a
    personal tea ceremony can be arranged
  • Kiku (Chrysanthemum)
    Benefactor / $1,000
    Eight tea ceremony vouchers
  • Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
    Patron / $500
    Six tea ceremony vouchers
  • Ume (Plum)
    Donor / $250
    Four tea ceremony vouchers
  • Take (Bamboo)
    Family / $100
    Two tea ceremony vouchers
  • Momiji (Maple)
    Individual / $50
    One tea ceremony voucher
  • Ayame (Iris)
    Student / $25


The Japan House has been receiving donations for many years and our Tomonokai Membership lists grows longer and longer. Check our annual newsletter for a listing of our generous donors.


Kimiko Gunji Legacy Fund

The Kimiko Gunji Legacy Fund was established to honor the outstanding contributions of the former director of Japan House, Associate Professor Emeritus Kimiko Gunji. View list of supporters.