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Chado . Ikebana

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In this course, the study of Zen aesthetics and philosophy, as well as special rituals and equipment for serving a bowl of tea will be introduced. Serving a bowl of tea is an ordinary act, yet in the tea ceremony this very ordinary act has been elevated into an extraordinary art form. When one wishes to serve a bowl of tea in the sincerest and the most pleasant manner, one has to pay detailed attention to each movement, and the recipient is to enjoy a bowl of tea not only with the palate but also with all other senses. Thus, both host and guest can enrich life through a bowl of tea. Through this course experience, it is hoped that students realize that any simple and ordinary act can be extraordinary and can contribute to their success in all human endeavors. One of the most important objectives of this course is to learn what it means to be a fine human being.

Educational outcomes for this course include gaining new knowledge of Japanese arts and culture, becoming familiar with Japanese traditions and customs, applying Japanese aesthetics, theories, and philosophies to one’s own disciplinary area and gaining new perspectives, and enriching one’s life to grow into a well-rounded human being.

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