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Chado: The Way of Tea

Chado, the Way of Tea, is one of the most time honored Japanese traditional arts. It encompasses all of the different Japanese art forms, aesthetics, and philosophy. Codified almost four hundred years ago by Sen Rikyu, the greatest tea master, the four spirits of tea signify the highest ideals of the Way of Tea: harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. Its core elements involve the acts of serving and receiving a bowl of tea with the utmost sincerity, appreciation, and attentiveness, while bearing an attitude of single-mindedness and a keen awareness of the concept ichigo, ichie (one life, one opportunity).

Would you like to learn more about Chado, or be able to perform a Japanese tea ceremony? Please consider joining our Thursday night study group. The class members are multinational, span a wide variety of ages, and come from all sectors of the community including students, working professionals, and many others. The meetings start at 6:00 P.M. at Japan House every Thursday night. The class is informal and if you can't make it at the beginning of the semester, you're still welcome to join at any time. There is a minimal membership fee per semester and then a small weekly fee to cover your training, as well as tea and a sweet each week. Please check for more information or contact

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