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It is the mission of Japan House to bring about cultural understanding, to offer exposure to new perspectives and, ultimately, to give a necessary refuge for all to embrace tranquility in an immersive and experiential environment. Through the study of Japanese aesthetics and traditional arts, built particularly around the time-honored art form of Chado, the Way of Tea, Japan House provides an essential opportunity for students of the College and University and the broader community to gain a deeper sensitivity towards diverse cultures.

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Jennifer Gunji

Jennifer Gunji-Ballsrud,
Everyday we cannot help but feel already consumed by all that needs to be accomplished. In our very busy lives, we yearn for moments of quietude. Most of the time, we deprive ourselves of time to just be. Ironically, it seems easier to bury ourselves in more and more of our already overwhelming lives. We can quickly find ourselves consumed, drained and depleted.

All of us could use a moment of tranquility. We all could strive to be more harmonious, pure, and ultimately, more respectful with all of our relations. I hope that Japan House can provide all who visit the encouragement to not allow these feelings to be fleeting, but to engrain these feelings in your very being.

Japan House is here for all of you to help strengthen your inner self, to provide a moment of clarity, and to resonate the vitalness of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility in our daily lives.


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Save the date! 20th Anniversary Celebration and Matsuri on September 8-9, 2018.

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